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Motion is Yours!™


Multimedia that evokes emotion through the interplay
of image and sound!

- Films Production
- Corporate Videography
- Documentaries
- Commercials
- Wedding Videography division:
- Portrait Photography division:
- Broadcasting solutions
- Special HD Video Shooting
- Video Editing
- Audio Mixing
- Sound Designing
- Video Journalism and Reporting
- Original Photography
- Marketing and Corporate Films creations
- Advertising Collateral
- Screenplay Development
- Script Doctoring
- Text Translation: French/English


Anyone with a story to tell and
an audience to impassion!

- Convention and Trade Show Organizers
- Event Planners
- News Media
- Advertising and Marketing Firms
- Film and Stage Producers
- Venue Operators
- Marriage Celebrations
- Vendors
- Design Professionals
- Architects
- Engineers
- Contractors
- Property Owners and Managers
- Writers
- Public Service Departments
- Real Estates
- Corporate

Founded in 2012 by director/producer Philippe Bouyer-Gray, Philippe Media Group LLC is an international diverse multimedia services agency and production studio offering mixed media products including feature films, documentaries, commercial video, corporate film production, sizzle reels, original photography [portfolio], marketing shorts, executive interviews, advertising copy and journalism.


Philippe Bouyer-Gray brings 30 years of professional filmmaking experience across 5 continents to each production.  Educated in filmmaking and direction in Paris France and with over 1,000 documentaries, museographies, corporate commercial films and news reports to his credit, Philippe has used the world as his classroom and his set to hone his skills in movie production, direction, lighting and sound design.  He now brings all of those skills to the US market to create customized, targeted messages for the big screen, small screen, video kiosks, billboards, Intranet and Internet distribution.


Through partnership with each client in message and audience analysis, we select the appropriate tools and technologies, artwork and music to arouse emotion and inspire action through the interplay of image and sound. Industries served include corporations, entrepreneurs, politicians, not-for-profit organizations, private schools, event planners, filmmakers, museums, print and television journalists, architects, interior designers, contractors, advertising agencies, television stations, writers and others with a story to tell.

[...] Philippe is a versatile artist who has provided, over our years of cooperation, many types of services, including CG 3D Lead Artist, CG Animator and Video Editor as an After Effect specialist, as well as consulting services. During these years Philippe Bouyer was solely responsible for the creation of marketing video presentations of our Vue project line. Thanks his numerous CG videos, animations, and show reels, Philippe has actively contributed to the reputation of Vue over the years. [...]”

Nicholas Phelps, CEO E-on software (June 2012)

“[...] Philippe made an immediate and lasting positive impact on our Digital Imaging & Animation team; he brought new ideas, talents and skills that dramatically elevated our work and success of our clients, both internally and externally. [...]“

Phil Kuttner, CEO Little AIA, LEED AP (January 2011)

“[...] It's AMAZING ... It's nothing like I expected. The company and I are extremely appreciative for helping our company growth. Every employee that has seen the video are amazed of the quality work you have put together. Thank you[...]”

Scott Rittershofe, CEO, Weatherguard (June 2012)

Phone Burbank, CA: (818) 669-0590
Phone Charlotte, NC: (704) 542-6340